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This website is under construction. Please visit us regularly to see what’s new.


Starting in October 2006 a selection of the personal papers of Olof Palme will gradually be made available on this website.

This will able students, researchers and others to study the original documents via the Internet. These documents have up to now been available only at the Labour Movement Archives and Library (Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek, ARAB) in Huddinge.

The purpose of the website is to reflect Olof Palme’s political work thematically as well as chronologically. Scanned documents, i.e. manuscripts to articles and speeches will be completed with images, sound and video recordings and additional documents will illustrate the upcoming process and reactions received.

However, it is important to know that the website does not include Olof Palme’s entire archive.
The material on this website is a small selection of over 1.000 digitized documents (>30,000 pages).

The most complete picture of the archive is obtained, as before, via the various lists and registers available at ARAB.

Shortly after Olof Palme’s death his personal papers were brought to ARAB where they have been organized and made available to the public. A printed bibliography was finished for Olof Palme’s 75th birthday in January 30, 2002. Many of Olof Palme’s most important speeches and articles have been published in different anthologies. However there have been only a few speeches and other documents connected to Olof Palme published and available on the Internet.

With the rapid development of the World Wide Web and with important contemporary historical documents being published all over the world, the question was brought up whether it would be possible to make also parts of Olof Palme’s personal papers and material connected to his work available on line.

The Labour Movement Archives and Library has therefore in collaboration with The Olof Palme Memorial Fund, The Olof Palme International Center and the family of Olof Palme decided to start developing the web site olofpalme.arbark.se. We mean that it is very urgent to start a project like this, especially in light of that historical and social sciences research more and more are focusing on the post war period, a period when Olof Palme’s efforts were central both in a national and international perspective.

More about the documents

The main language of this website is Swedish. Most of Palme’s papers available through this website are also in Swedish. We have, however, gatherered a selection of non-Swedish documents on a certain page for easier access. Most of them are in English.

The text-based original documents were scanned and saved in the PDF format. The contents of the PDFs, though, are images which means you can not select any text nor can you search within the PDF. Viewing and printing the documents should work just fine, still.

Furthermore you can find some information on Olof Palme in other languages than Swedish in the Olof Palme bibliography also available on this website (page in Swedish).


The contents of this website are protected by copyright.
Detailed information will follow soon.


Questions about the personal papers of Olof Palme are answered by:

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